Warm Tobacco & Cognac
Warm Tobacco & Cognac

Warm Tobacco & Cognac

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I've loved tobacco scents since finding out they exist in beard oil. A friend I made in a lab at HCC suggested a tobacco scent 😅. I could have gone tobacco and vanilla but that wasn't happening. This candle reminds me of pipe tobacco and cognac. I just imagine sitting on a porch on a fall night having stiff drink. 

Warm Tobacco, Cherry, Cognac 

Room size: 
16oz - From a bathroom to a large room. If in an open place like a kitchen or Livingroom, two candles would be ideal.

8oz- bathroom to a bedroom. If in a larger room 2 candles recommended

These are Panda Madness's 8oz-16 oz candles. They are hand-poured mixed soy and paraffin wax. They all come with specific fragrance oils and colors. 16oz Candle burn time ranged from 80-90 hrs. 8oz  Candle burn time ranged from 40-50 hrs.  Our soy candles are made of 100% soy wax with only soy additives! They burn longer than my parasoy candles

As a veteran, I am inclined to try my best to help other veterans. So, 5% of all sales will be donated to D.A.V. They are an awesome Org. that helps many vets. It is important to me as a single father. Showing that giving to others is extremely important and do not forget where you came from. 

Keep in mind of candle safety. Keep wicks trimmed ¼ in. Do not burn more than 5 hours, and when burning, please allow a good melt pool 2-3 hours min for max efficiency. Keep out of reach out of little kids, pets, or like barracks, curtains insert anything that would be in an hour-long weekend safety brief