The Beer That Shall Not be Named
The Beer That Shall Not be Named

The Beer That Shall Not be Named

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The Beer That Shall Not Be Named: 

Growing up I was a huge Harry Potter fan. Going to book releases with my friends. I've read the books and watched the movies so many times it's crazy. I being the monster I currently am with candles was like, " What would a Harry Potter candle smell like!" With the help of the new friend I've made at scriptures and sawdust, we decided butterbeer. So, what does butterbeer smell like?? After looking into it and seeing what the drink they made that is J. K. Rowling approved I found it. A drink that tastes like cream soda and butterscotch. After testing I am I fell in love! 


Butterscotch, Vanilla cream, Caramelized sugar

Room size: 
16oz - From a bathroom to a large room. If in an open place like a kitchen or Livingroom, two candles would be ideal.

8oz- bathroom to a bedroom. If in a larger room 2 candles recommended

These are Panda Madness's 8oz-16 oz candles. They are hand-poured mixed soy and paraffin wax. They all come with specific fragrance oils and colors. 16oz Candle burn time ranged from 80-90 hrs. 8oz  Candle burn time ranged from 40-50 hrs. 

As a veteran, I am inclined to try my best to help other veterans. So, 5% of all sales will be donated to D.A.V. They are an awesome Org. that helps many vets. It is important to me as a single father. Showing that giving to others is extremely important and do not forget where you came from. 

Keep in mind of candle safety. Keep wicks trimmed ¼ in. Do not burn more than 5 hours, and when burning, please allow a good melt pool 2-3 hours min for max efficiency. Keep out of reach out of little kids, pets, or like barracks, curtains insert anything that would be in an hour-long weekend safety brief.

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